The classic deposit bonus

For many online casino providers, you must first select a deposit type right after activating your player account, and then tick the box for the deposit bonus you want. But beware, there are a lot of different bonuses that can vary greatly from casino to casino. Some providers, you can also choose between different deposit bonus variants. To find out which one is best for you, you should always check the bonus terms and conditions of each casino in advance. Providers who have only one option often give a percentage online casino bonus on the first deposit, which means they receive a certain percentage of their paid-in amount as a bonus, which they can then use to play.

The bonus code variant

New online casino providers often use different affiliate programs where so-called bonus codes or vouchers are issued. These codes usually have to be entered after successful registration in the player account area. Again, there are different variants of bonuses. Sometimes you get certain percentages on your deposit, but sometimes you also get smaller amounts that you can use directly to play immediately. Such codes are usually very popular and are therefore also limited in time or quantity. Since some of the providers of online casino bonus variants are also betting providers at the same time, there are often also combination bonuses that also like to work by means of a code. Here it is so that if a player makes the deposit at the casino games, he will then get a free bonus code for a bet slip at the same provider.

The new customer bonus

The new customer bonus, as the name implies, is a type of deposit bonus, but only applies to new customers of the respective provider. This is usually the most enticing and best online casino bonus one can get as a player. Often, even a bonus of 200% is granted here. But even here it is not just for beginners not head over head, but first in advance to study the respective bonus conditions in peace, so then it comes at a later disbursement not a nasty surprise. Serious providers therefore always have an obvious link to their bonus terms on the website and are thus transparent. In addition, you should always be informed in advance about the payment methods, so you can enjoy his profits then.