Our casino guide for you

On this page, we have collected our experience, rules & instructions for various casino games and keep them always up to date. So that you, if you do not start playing uninformed, we have created this category, because to inform in advance is recommended. Especially when you play your favorite games online, you often see games that you do not know yet but would still like to try. For this reason, there is this page for you to do this without hesitation. In addition, we also offer the most common strategies & instructions, which have been tested and reviewed by us.

Rules of Casino Games

Some casino games have relatively easy rules to understand. However, online you can often find different variations of the games, which only work with special rules. There are also some games whose rules can not be explained in one sentence, or you have to bring some understanding. Exactly for such cases, there is this website, which should help you with our experience and our knowledge to really understand all games well and thus have a fair chance as a beginner. This site is for everyone and of course can also serve advanced players and keep one or the other trick ready for them. In short, this casino guide is recommended.

Guidance & strategies for gambling

At this casino here, not only is it all about the different rules, but it's also about instructions and strategies. Gambling does not mean that in vain, but there are always resourceful gamblers who calculate the odds exactly and thus develop their own strategies to gain a small or even minimal advantage. As our editors and scribes are actively involved in the community themselves, you will come across different strategies and, thanks to their experience, can quickly find you to be effective or not. All our results can be found right here.